Kayla Gown

Behind the Design: Creating my own gown for my wedding in Peru!

Creating your own gown as a wedding gown designer is actually much more difficult than I'd ever imagine.  Creating for brides outside of myself, I get a general idea of what a bride is looking for and can narrow down silhouettes, laces and design patterns based off of their ideas and reference photos. However, for myself as a designer- I love EVERYTHING. How am I supposed to narrow down what I love, when I create dozens of beautiful gowns that I love already? It started with some training and a little help and inspiration from my new favorite tool! AI. While some are terrified of AI, I am leaning into it as an artist. I am amazing at bringing things into life in 3D form- but in 2D?! I draw like a child. By using a trained AI software and spending hours editing my prompts I can train the software to actually generate something similar to what I see in my head and have an image to base the design off of. My brides love it too! Granted, all of my brides do understand that this is an AI Generated image and the gown wont look exactly like the image but you can get a pretty good idea. Next, I picked out the lace that I truly resonated with. I wanted something very heavily beaded and playful. My lace of choice was a gorgeous beaded lace with sunflowers and interesting details. The sunflowers were playful and I felt went beautiful with a colorful Peruvian Wedding in Sacred Valley. You can see an image of the AI image and the lace below. 



See the cute little sunflowers? And the SPARKLE!



I wanted to design a modest gown with white illusion sleeves. Being in another country with rich culture, I wanted my gown to be fully lined with the peekaboo to be covered in beaded lace- but with enough flesh tone to make it tasteful.


Next is the design process! Laying the lace on the mannequin and figuring out where i want the designs to lay. Can be pictured below:


I LOVE a good button detail back. This baby actually has an illusion zipper that gives you ALLLLL the detail and no hassle. 


Next is the sewing process. We work on multiple orders at a time and due to the meticulous detail that goes into wedding gowns our turn around time is 4 months. This is so we can create your dream gown with the utmost care and detail. 


After 3 months of work- My beautiful gown was finished! Here is the full gown finished on a mannequin.



andddd would you just LOOK at that detail!



Being that June 1st is the beginning of the winter season in Peru, There are really chilly evenings and mornings but HOOOOT afternoons. I wanted to have a gown that was fitting for the season and sparkled without sequins or glitter. Overall, my gown weighed about 10 pounds but I knew this going in the design process. We didn't plan to hike or do crazy activities the time of the ceremony so it was perfect for me. Ill attach some images from our official photographer, Justin Benson (Amazing photographer and co owner of Aftershoot, the leading culling and editing software in the photography community. And better yet, very good friend of Ric and I.) Ill make a separate blog about my love for Justin and Veronica and our amazing experience in Peru.